City of David Movement

The City of David Movement is a Christian movement unlike any other. At "The City", we are free of traditionalism and teach how to live a life in accordance with scripture. It is the place where we are encouraged to think outside the box. The City is a Christ-centered, forward thinking movement, reaching beyond our cultural limits. We are a multi-cultural ministry, touching the lives of all regardless of background, social status, race, gender, age, creed or color. 

This is the place of His perpetual Glory!!! Come and take part in "The City Experience", where we are creating a culture change, loving people back to Christ and bringing the Glory back to God! 


Mission of the City of David Movement:

A Christ centered people called to glorify God, by making disciples of all men.

City of David Movement Vision Statement:

To engage in revolutionary ministry, providing an opportunity for every person to encounter and experience the power of Jesus Christ through worship, outreach and word.

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