Pastor & Lady Beard Bio/Itinerary

Bishop-Designate, Pastor Tyree Beard

Humble Beginnings:  Pastor Tyree Beard was presented to Christ by the late Pastor Matthew Pettis at the tender age of 6 years old. His Christian Foundation and development began at Holy Trinity Church. He preached his first Sermon at the age of 16 and was ordained to preach the gospel at 19 years of age.

Pastor Tyree Beard answered the call to Pastoral-ship in 2012. On April 26, 2013, City of David Church was launched, which is a thriving Non-Denominational Church within the Chicagoland area with a Prophetic Vision to impact the people of God. This Humble Servant of the Lord is a prolific speaker and an anointed Ambassador for Christ. He is very sensitive to the move and timing of God. The Anointing on Pastor Beard's life depicts the desire for preparing this 21st Century generation for Kingdom Living. Since the birthing of "The City," there has been an explosion of growth, unprecedented favor, miracles, signs and wonders!

The Assignment on this Dynamic and Powerful Vessel of God is to Preach and Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Beard immerses himself in the Word of God and delivers a fresh Rhema Word each service. He is very compassionate about studying, preaching and teaching with boldness and clarity. His desire is to see God's love have a life changing impact in each community, city, state, country and ultimately the world.

Pastor Beard has worked in various positions in ministry over the years, all of which catapulted him to the next dimension. He served as Armor bearer, Youth Pastor and Campus Pastor. He has been married for 17 years to his sweetheart Jennifer Beard and together they have three sons and one daughter. Despite ministry demands, he cherishes and cultivates his relationship with his family, always having time for them.

Relentless in his vision and clear in his principle, Pastor Tyree Beard stands strong in his commitment to reach the lost through strong discipleship. He lives the mandate to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations"... (Mathew 28:19). His responsibility to this mandate has led him to preach the gospel across the nation. Pastor Beard has shared the pulpit with some of the world's foremost preachers and evangelists. In 2011, Pastor Beard was elected to speak at the NAACP youth summit in Denver, CO. In July 2016, during its Holy Convocation, Pastor Tyree Beard was officially elevated to the office of Episcopal Vicar for the Pilgrim Assemblies International, Incorporated. Those whom have been touched by the ministry of Pastor Beard would testify that he is greatly used by God through his charismatic preaching and intense worship, which guides you into a life altering experience.



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