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Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Phil 4:6 Our team would love to agree with you in prayer! Leave your prayer requests below and someone from our prayer team will follow-up with you and, in the meantime, your fellow believers will offer their support in prayer!

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Anonymous • Posted on 2/17/2020 • General

Please God help me. My little 8 month niece Olivia Mae has a giant hoe in her heart and is very thin, we don't know how long she will live. I have been offered a good job with the police but I'm struggling to past medical vetting (screening) due to having struggled with depression in the past. Please prayer for me to get the job. I am unmarried and have lost all my looks, I'm 38 but look like a 60 year old due to strongholds of slothinliness and laziness where I will sit down and do nothing for 24/7 and this is dramatically affecting my mind as it's almost as if i have alzemiers as I just sit down confused and with my head feeling brain damaged and do nothing. This was due to longterm unemployment. Help me prayer my faculties will come back and God will restore my youth so I can look my age or younger. I am also very very poor and feel to tired and exhausted to look for wealth or improving my lot. Prayer for me to become wealthy now. I regularly see slug spirits crawling over me and there are alot of them and holes in my hands and cheeks in the spirit. Prayer this will be undone, prayer for me to be a true Christian

Anonymous • Posted on 7/11/2016 • General

a new job and a new place to live

sergio c. • Posted on 7/4/2016 • General

serge cadet
pray for salvation for nieces and nephews

Kimmel S. • Posted on 3/23/2016 • General

Praying that God will align my family and myself up with his will .praying that children will get close to God asking that God will release all blessings from above .Asking God that he will move me into the next level and keep me in his Grace. .In Jesus Name Amen

Anonymous • Posted on 3/3/2016 • General


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